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Hawaiian Print Adult Throw Blanket

Hawaiian print adult throw blanket.

Hawaiian print throw blanket

Cuddle up and cover up in style with one of these Hawaiian print adult throw blanket to keep warm and cozy.  A perfect addition to any Aloha Comfort Hawaiian print bedding set or as a great gift for any occasions.  Available in 72"L x 56"W, Hawaiian print on one side, and super soft Fleece on the other. 

PRICE :  $48.95

Hawaiian print adult throw blanket.

Hawaiian print throw blanket

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Hawaiian Print patterns

Pink Hibiscus.

Turquoise Hibiscus.

Blue Maui.

Blue Kona.

Red Kona.

Blue Woody.

Rosy Surfer.



Pink Hibiscus

Turquoise Hibiscus

Blue Maui

Blue Kona

Red Kona

Blue Woody

Rosy Surfer



Red Hibiscus.

Pink Woody.

Babyblue Woody.

Yellow Woody.

Pink Surfer.



Tan Woody.


Red Hibiscus

Pink Woody

Babyblue Woody

Yellow Woody

  Pink Surfer



Tan Woody


Turquoise Surfer.                
Turquoise Surfer Brown Hibiscus              


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